BWS3 Wilbur's Power icon

Wilbur's Orb or Wilbur's Power Bubble is one of the special features in Bubble Witch 3 Saga. It was first introduced in Level 501, the 1st level in the 27th episode Morgana's Magic. The orb is in use in any level in which Wilbur is the sidekick.

The orb is first displayed in the lower left of the screen, being held in Wilbur's right hand. It is slowly powered up during gameplay. Once it is fully powered up, the orb becomes activated and is added to the Bubble Shooter as a throwable bubble. When used, it will destroy a large cluster of bubbles and blockers, obliterating even the peskiest obstacles.

How does it work?Edit

  • The orb is charged from the energy of destroyed bubbles as the game is played. To accelerate the orb creation, you can feed bubbles to it directly from your queue - to do this, simply click on the orb above Wilbur's hand.
  • The currently charged portion of the orb is displayed in pink. The size of the uncharged portion gives an indication of how much additional energy must be added to activate the orb.
  • Once an orb is fully charged, it will appear in your Bubble Shooter, giving you three bubbles to choose from. You don’t have to use your orb straight away; click on the center of the shooter to switch bubbles and save the orb for when you really need it.
  • The orb is fired from your Bubble Shooter the same way normal bubbles are. Before you fire it, you can use the Aiming Line to preview where the orb will go and which cluster of bubbles it will destroy. The orb can break through up to one layer of bubbles above it.
  • Once the orb is thrown, the orb creation process will begin again.


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